Cabins specially made for you

No limits

We offer a wide range of attractive solutions in cabins, which meets most of our customers' needs. We also specialise in making customised solutions adapted to the individual customer.

Even the standard solution can be adapted in multiple ways. We offer four different toilet solutions based on comfort, design and efficiency, and a wide range of extra facilities, such as use of specific white goods, mini kitchens, work tool rooms, wall-mounted fittings, underfloor heating etc.

The majority of our vehicles can also be designed to be wholly or partly self-sufficient, with water and drainage tanks, solar cells, batteries and gas. The capacity for water, electricity and gas can be adjusted according to your needs.

Standard VS special

Our cabins are designed to bring optimum value to the customer.  This means a user-friendly design, modern technology, optimum use of space and the absolute best construction quality

The benefits of buying a standard solution are often shorter delivery times (especially if we have the cabin in stock), lower price, and that it is often much easier to re-sell if needed.

If you work in a niche industry or have a special need, a tailored solution can make a big difference. When we receive a special request, we work closely with the customer and our suppliers to find the best solution based on efficiency, use and price.

Luxury toilet cabin

This cabin contains 6 luxury toilets designed for VIP members at festivals and other events. The inside of the cabin resembles a classic older building with red bricks, black metal frames and a large ceiling window. The cabin uses Jet’s vacuum toilets and is built on a unique chassis developed especially for this design.


Vogn til sundhedstjek

Cabin for health checks

It is not always possible to find suitable premises when conducting health checks at different workplaces. This cabin has a soundproof box for hearing examinations with space to perform general health checks with all the necessary equipment. This concept increases efficiency and helps achieve more accurate results.

Mobil førstehjælpsstation

Mobile first aid station

Together with Volklandt, we produced this cabin for the Bavarian Red Cross in Germany. The cabin consists of a waiting area and a treatment room, both with air conditioning. The cabin comes with a height-adjustable ramp and stretcher, and a tent that can be set up to the side as an outdoor treatment area.

Mobilt fjerkræslagteri

Mobile poultry abattoir

This cabin was built to slaughter and process poultry. This solution allows you to visit customers at their property and perform the slaughter on site, avoiding the transport of living animals. The cabin contains an abattoir with all the necessary equipment, a room for cleaning and parting and a cold store.

Luksus beboelsesvogn

Luxury residential cabin

This 9m long residential cabin for 2 people delivers an extra high level of design and comfort. It has 30% more space than our standard residential cabin, a large floor-to-ceiling window and an elegant colour scheme in black and white. The ceiling in the living area is covered in light-absorbent plates and the bedrooms have extra wide beds.

Kaffe salgsvogn

Coffee cabin

We make sales cabins for many different purposes. That's why it is rare for two sales cabins to have the same design and facilities. This sales cabin is designed to serve coffee at large events. It is equipped with a professional coffee and espresso machine and a wide range of shelves and cupboards for storage.

Handicapvogn med kran

Disabled cabin with hoist

This disabled cabin is designed to offer several support functions, so that even people who need a lot of help feel safe. In addition to a toilet support, a hand fitting and a ramp, the cabin also comes with a shower trolley and a ceiling hoist. The cabin is built on a height-adjustable chassis for easier access.