Moduler til skøjtebaneModuler til skøjtebane


We have extensive experience in several industries

Skurvogn ved byggepladsSkurvogn ved byggeplads


A crew trailer is not simply a box on wheels. There are certain legal requirements that must be met (in Denmark) and employees today demand excellent facilities.

When employees are offered comfortable and hygienic working conditions, their efficiency is increased, absence is reduced, and it is easier to retain good employees.

Flexibility in a company is important, regardless of the size. Stationary modules involve a significant amount of logistics. You need to order lorries that have a crane, prepare the site, and much more.  With a trailer you can easily it pick up and place it as needed.

Our solution

Scanvogn’s roots are based in the construction industry, which is why we have extensive experience of producing trailers for this industry.

Our goal is to supply a high quality product with a user-friendly design to provide workers with an effective solution that lasts for many years. Read more under the quality section.

The construction industry in particular benefits from our standard trailer program. By selecting a standard solution, you get a lower price and a product that has been tested in the industry for over two decades.

Toiletvogn ved festivalToiletvogn ved festival


The events industry is very innovative. The customers and events planners think more innovatively and are more ready to let go of old ideas and principles.

Since a festival, concert or other event is held for a very brief and limited period, having reliable products that are easy to install is essential to the event’s success. An event lasting just a couple of days can often take years to plan.

Serving places, food stalls, admittance control, security coordination, and sanitary conditions must all come together, and for every additional minute guests queue, you lose profit.

Guests pay a relatively high price to attend events and therefore expect organizers to provide good facilities, especially clean and reliable toilets and washing facilities.

Our solution

Scanvogn supplies trailers to all of the biggest festivals in the Nordics. We work with the biggest event organizers and rental companies. Without their helpful feedback, the Nordic events industry would not be at the stage it is today.

Our products cover almost all possible aspects of an event.  We provide trailers and modules for toilet usage, washing, housing, backstage solutions, security, sales, and more.

We are particularly well known for our sanitation solutions. We produce toilet trailers for everything from small parties to festivals where one trailer handles 700 visits per hour.

With our vacuum system, you save up to 90% water, which not only results in major savings, but also helps the environment and ensures a stable water pressure during the event.

Flatpack hus på øvelseFlatpack huse på øvelse

Emergency aid

Disasters and conflicts often affect those areas in the world that are already struggling. The people in these areas need help to manage the crisis and re-build what they have lost.

Aid organizations often set up camps, where they house victims and provide various forms of emergency help. This introduces many different challenges with regards to logistics, protection against weather conditions, and hygiene.

Areas struck by disaster often have a poor infrastructure, and help needs to get there as quickly as possible. This means that help often needs to be flown in, which requires many resources. Extreme heat and cold require significant temperature regulations, while drought and rainfall can lead to dust and damp, making it harder to provide emergency aid.

Last, but not least, response time is a significant factor. When a crisis strikes, tents are normally set up first, after which a more stable or semi-permanent solution is provided where emergency aid can be provided. The shorter the response time, the greater the chance is of minimizing the scope of the crisis.

Our solution

Scanvogn delivered a complete camp solution to Africa during the Ebola crisis in 2014. Since then, we have worked with aid organizations to develop a flexible, lightweight camp systems called CampCubes.

The system is module based and it requires only a small set of tools to assemble a complete camp. All installations, such as washing facilities, toilets, kitchens etc., work as a plug & play solution. A complete unit can be assembled within a few hours.

The system uses the same type of panels as our trailers. All floors have adjustable feet, which help prevent dust and bacteria from entering the units. The units can be packed into containers as flatpacks and can be lifted without machinery.

CampCubes offer a great combination of response time and flexibility. Units can be assembled in an extremely short time and do not require any special tools. Whether for hospitals, patient accommodation, toilet and washing facilities, canteens or simply an on-site office, CampCubes are a quick and easy solution.