Toiletvogn 16 personerToiletvogn 16 personer

Toilet trailer 16 persons

Toilet solution with maximum capacity

Toiletvogn 16 personerToiletvogn 16 personer

Our largest toilet solution

The toilet trailer for 16 people is our largest toilet solution. It consists of 16 separate rooms, each of which contains a toilet, a hand basin, a mirror, ventilation for heated air, and a hatch for quick maintenance. Each room has a foldable staircase that can be pulled out from underneath the door.

The trailer features a clean simplistic design giving the user a feeling of space and comfort. It utilizes LED strips for a bright, comfortable, and energy efficient light. The excellent insulation, heaters and ventilation make the trailer comfortable to stay in all year round regardless of weather conditions.

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Toiletvogn 16 personer

Easy to use & maintain

The trailer connects to a standard tow bar and can be set up within minutes. This allows you to move the trailer from one place to another, quickly and efficiently and without any hassle. The trailer is made from cleaning-friendly and durable materials, saving you time on cleaning and maintenance.

Toiletvogn 16 personer

Sturdy construction

We cut all the outer walls with a seam and fit them so that the angle seals closely around the floor. We reinforce them with sturdy anodized aluminum profiles resulting in a trailer with maximum durability and tightness.

Durable floor

Our floor consists of one layer of IQ Optima with woven glass fiber, one layer of honeycomb plates, and 65 mm of XPS insulation foam. The IQ Optima is more durable than regular floor vinyl according to our durability test.

Premium XPS-panels

We produce our own panels to ensure the highest quality.  We utilize premium UV stabilized glass fiber with a high number of fibers for optimal strength and additives, which ensure a shiny white trailer for many years to come.

Solid-cast curved roof

All our trailers come with a solid-cast roof. The roof is cast with a slight curvature for optimal strength and water drainage. The roof has a gutter system, which helps direct water and dirt away from doors and windows.

Scratch resistant surfaces

All our table and counter tops are made exclusively from compact laminate. This gives the trailer a lighter and more elegant look and makes table and counter surfaces less susceptible to scratches resulting in improved hygiene.

Corrosion protection

All our trailers are built on a sturdy heat-galvanized chassis from AL-KO. The galvanization is done after the chassis has been mechanically processed so that all the edges and bolt holes also are fully galvanized.

Build quality that matters

Our top priority is to supply a product that we can vouch for 100% when it comes to build quality and functionality. We only work with well-established suppliers and demand proper certification to ensure that you get the best possible trailer. Move your mouse cursor over the images to read more.

Extra facilities

Most of our trailers can be upgraded with extra facilities that further improve the functionality and user experience. Some facilities, however, require that you sacrifice space elsewhere in the trailer, since there is generally very little wasted space. If you have questions, please contact us.

Note: There are facilities that can not be selected for certain trailers due to rules and regulations.

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Complete list

Floor frame

All our trailers can be built on a floor frame instead of a chassis. The frame has forklift pockets on all sides for increased mobility.

Door light

If your trailer is utilized in locations with poor lighting conditions, we recommend a door light. The light uses LEDs and a sensor.

Extra height

We usually build our trailers with an internal height of 210 cm. If you want a higher ceiling, we can increase the height to 230 cm.

Premium wallpaper

We offer premium wallpaper in all our trailers. You can choose between standard wallpaper or premium wallpaper with texture.

Ambient light

If you want a more elegant lighting, we can install LED strips around the edges of the ceiling creating an elengant ambient light.

Roof light

If you want light all the way around your trailer, we recommend LED strips along the roof. Especially if the trailer has many doors.

Technical info - toilet trailer 730

Toiletvogn tegning 16 personer
  • Dimensions & weight

    External: 7300 x 2480 x 2940 mm

    Tare weight: 2800 kg

    Gross weight: 3000 kg

    Capacity: 16 persons

  • Facilities

    16 wall-mounted toilets

    16 hand basins (built into wall)

    16 mirrors 400 x 300 mm

    16 toilet paper holders

    16 maintenance hatches

    32 towel holders, 32 coat hooks

    16 pull-out staircases

  • Water & power

    230 V - 16 A CEE inlet

    Ventilation for heated air

    Light along the roof

    LED strip lights



Toilet trailer 730

Toiletvogn 16 personer


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