Food truck

Truck equipped for cooking and selling food

Foodtruck indefraFoodtruck indefra

For selling food & drinks on the go

We offer many different solutions for food trucks. Like our sales trailers, all food trucks are customer-specific solutions. You start by choosing which vehicle you want, after which we build the body and install the equipment. You can also install the equipment yourself, should you prefer so.

We use the same high quality materials to build food trucks as we do for our trailers. This means you get the same high durability, insulation and energy efficient LED light. The countertop is made of compact laminate which is less susceptible to scratches resulting in improved hygiene.

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Foodtruck display

Easy to use & maintain

With a food truck, it is even easier to move the business to different places where there is a basis to increase sales. The box itself is made of the same easy-to-clean and durable materials as our regular sheds, so you save time on cleaning and maintenance.

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Technical info - food truck (fish)

Foodtruck tegning
  • Dimensions & weight

    External: 4200 x 2280 x 2900 mm (body)

    Tare weight: 2900 kg

    Gross weight: 3500 kg

    Capacity: N/A

  • Facilities

    Serving window with gas springs 3500 mm

    Wide serving counter with food display

    Shelf with high edge above serving window

    Stainless steel countertop with 2 sinks

    Stainless steel plates on walls (gutting area)

    2 bottom cupboards, 1 tall cupboard

    Countertop in white nylon for cutting

    3 floor drains

  • Water & power

    230 V - 16 A CEE inlet

    On-deman water heater

    2 25 L water containers

    Shurflo pump

    LED strip lights



Food truck (fish)



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