Toilethus ved Tornby StrandToilethus ved Tornby Strand

Toilet house by torny beach

Toilet house with 6 toilets, 1 accessible toilet and 2 external showers

Toilethus ved Tornby Strand indefraToilethus ved Tornby Strand indefra

toilet house for locals & tourists

This toilet house contains six rooms each with a vacuum toilet, a hand basin and a hand dryer. The house also contains an accessible toilet with toilet supports, a one-hand faucet and a changing table. On the back of the house there are two showers for washing off salt and sand from the beach.

There are green and red lights above each door which show vacant or occupied. There is white light along the roof that turns on by itself at dusk. Click through the gallery to see what the lights look like when it is dark. To see more examples of toilet houses, head over to the toilet house section.

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Toilethus ved Tornby Strand indefra

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