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Mobile bathroom 1-3 persons

Satellite Industries

We are now a division of Satellite Industries - your one-stop for a wide range of portable sanitation products including portable toilets, deodorizers, service modules, vacuum equipment, handwash. Together we bring you the latest & most durable products in the construction and events industry.


Crew trailer

The crew trailer is a great solution when you need an office or eating area close to a construction site. The trailer contains an eating area and a changing room with lockers, a drying cabinet, and a bench. It also contains a flushing toilet with a macerator and a separate shower room with a shelf and a bench.


Office trailer

The office trailer is a simple solution when you need a workspace or eating area away from the office. It comes in standard sizes from 4 to 10 persons (6 to 12 without a toilet). The trailer has a fixed table, heater and fridge. You can choose between 4 toilet types. Click to read more.


Decontamination trailer

According to the Danish laws, when working with potentially harmful substances, a decontamination trailer must be provided. This trailer is designed to meet special hygiene guidelines and thus offers superior safety and protection. The trailer is often used for work involving oil, epoxy and asbestos.


Pioneer crew trailer

The pioneer crew trailer contains all the facilities of a standard crew trailer, but is also equipped with solar cells and a battery, gas, a water tank, and a sewage tank. The trailer can therefore be used everywhere, including remote locations with no connection to external power, water or drainage.


Housing trailer

The housing trailer contains all the necessary facilities of a home. It consists of a modern kitchen, a bathroom and 2 or 4 separate bedrooms. The kitchen has a dining table for 4 people and a wide selection of shelves and cabinets. Note that we also have a small housing trailer for 2 people.

Beboelsesvogn mini

Housing trailer small

The small housing trailer is great if you are looking for a more compact housing solution. It consists of a kitchen, a bathroom and 2 separate bedrooms. We also offer an even smaller variant (420 model) with a mini kitchen (no hobs, only microwave), a bathroom and a shared bedroom with bunk beds.


Kitchen trailer

The kitchen trailer contains all essential kitchen facilities such as a ceramic hob, integrated oven, sink, extractor hood, microwave oven, fridge and dishwasher, as well as a wide selection of top and bottom cupboards. The trailer has with a dining table for 6 persons and a bench for changing.



CampCubes are a fast, simple, and flexible camp solution for operations in distressed areas. They are made from lightweight materials and can be assembled using only a few standard tools. They can easily be transported as flat packs in a 20 foot ISO container allowing for rapid deployment.


Mobile bathroom 1-3 per

The mobile bathroom is the perfect solution when you need a bathroom on the go. It comes in three sizes with 1, 2 or 3 separate rooms. Each contains a shower, a toilet with a macerator and a hand basin. In addition, each room also contains a fixed bench, a heater, a window, and electric ventilation.

Toiletvogn 2 personer

Toilet trailer 2 per

The toilet trailer for 2 persons is perfect when you need a small and flexible toilet solution. Each room contains a toilet, a hand basin and a mirror. You can choose between 4 different toilet types. If you need more than 2 toilets, we also offer a middle-sized toilet trailer with room for 4 - 10 persons.

Toiletvogn 4-10 personer

Toilet trailer 4-10 per

Our middle-sized toilet trailer strikes a perfect balance between capacity and flexibility. The trailer comes in three sizes and contains a combination of toilets and urinals, except for the 730 model, which only has toilets. The trailer has a removable partition wall so it can be divided into two sections.

Toiletvogn 16 personer

Toilet trailer 16 per

The toilet trailer for 16 people is our largest toilet solution. It consists of 16 separate rooms, each of which contains a toilet, a hand basin, a mirror, ventilation for heated air, and a hatch for quick maintenance. Each room has a foldable staircase that can be pulled out from underneath the door.

Handicap toiletvogn

Accessible toilet trailer

The accessible toilet trailer has more room space and includes toilet supports, a one-hand faucet, and an easily accessible shower (optional in the 240 model). In addition, it features a wider door with a wheelchair ramp. The 240 model is built on a lowerable chassis for increased accessibility.

WC-Flex toiletvogn

WC-Flex toilet trailer

The WC-Flex trailer is used for small events where a single toilet is needed, without being dependent on an external water connection on site. It has a total weight of only 500 kg, so that people without a special driving license have access to a simple solution that covers the most basic toilet needs.

Brick toilet

Brick toilet

The brick toilet is a simple and flexible toilet solution. It is easy to transport and can be stacked to save storage space. It can be moved with a pallet lifter, truck, telescopic handler or crane. It comes in two variants: one with a flushing toilet and a macerator and one with a tank toilet.


Toilet module

If you do not need to move your toilet often, it may be an advantage to use a floor frame instead of a chassis. The toilet comes closer to the ground, there is less maintenance, and you avoid paying insurance and weight tax (depending on country). The frame has forklift pockets on all four sides.


Toilet house

The toilet house is especially suitable for natural and urban environments, where there is a need for an aesthetically pleasing toilet solution, which blends into the surroundings. It typically consists of two toilet rooms and has exterior wood cladding according to the customer's preference.

Berøringsfrit toilet

Touchless toilet

Due to the growing demand for better hygiene, we have developed a touchless flushing system. The system utilizes sensors and can be installed in most of our toilet trailers. The system also allows for serial flushing which enables the owner to flush all the toilets at once saving time when cleaning.



EventCubes is a new sanitary system designed for all types of events. Combining elegant design with modern technology and a highly streamlined set up procedure it offers rental operators and event organizers a higher sanitation standard than ever before. Click on the image to read more.


Sales trailer

We produce sales trailers for many different purposes. It is therefore rare for two trailers to share the same design and facilities. However, the characteristic of the sales trailer is typically one or more serving windows, a counter and commercial grade equipment. See gallery for examples.


Food truck

We offer many different solutions for food trucks. Like our sales trailers, all food trucks are customer-specific solutions. You start by choosing which vehicle you want, after which we build the body and install the equipment. You can also install the equipment yourself, should you prefer so.

Skyliner kontorvogn


The skyliner is designed to provide as much space as possible and provide the best overview for large events. The upper floor features a panoramic view and is raised via a control panel. The trailer can be upgraded with a toilet, a kitchen, folding tables along the walls and sound-absorbing ceiling tiles.


Cooling trailer

The cooling trailer is often used in the fishing, food and events industry. The trailer features a higher insulation capacity than our standard trailer and is built on an extra sturdy chassis with suspension making it more suitable for faster transport. It has a load capacity of 1850 kg / 6 EUR pallets.


Display trailer

The display trailer is perfect for displaying your products at trade fairs and events. We only make customer-specific solutions for this type of vehicle. The general characteristic of the display trailer, however, is typically one or more large windows, sliding doors and an elegant design and decor.

Luxury toilet module


Luxury toilet module

More info coming soon.

Referee platforms - floating houses


Floating referee houses

More info coming soon.

Miljøvogn til brandvæsenet


Decontamination trailer

This trailer is designed to help protect firefighters by allowing them to shower directly at the incident location thereby decreasing the exposure time to harmful contaminants. The trailer contains two showers, each with two separate changing rooms and entrances. It also contains a vacuum toilet.

Toilethus til Tornby Strand


Toilet house - for nature

This toilet house contains six rooms each with a vacuum toilet, a hand basin and a hand dryer. The house also contains an accessible toilet with toilet supports, a one-hand faucet and a changing table. On the back of the house there are two showers for washing off salt and sand from the beach.

Mobile håndvaske


Mobile wash stations

The wash stations offer an easy and flexible way for restaurants, schools and recreational areas to meet the growing demand for better hygiene. The wash stations are easy to assemble and highly durable. They are available in two sizes: one for adults (75 cm) and one for children (55 cm).

Badevogn til brandvæsenet


Shower trailer

This trailer is designed to help protect firefighters by allowing them to shower directly at the incident location thereby decreasing the exposure time to harmful contaminants. The trailer contains two large rooms with 3 showers in each. It also has an additional smaller room with a single tank toilet.

Toilethus med urban design


Toilet house - urban design

This toilet house is clad with corten steel and wooden moldings, giving it an urban and rustic look. Inside, the ceiling is lined with LED strips and compact laminate moldings that mimic wood. The walls are wrapped to mimic concrete. The floor is sprayed with polyurea for extreme durability.

Salgsvogn med saddeltag


Sales trailer with gable roof

This sales trailer is designed to look like a cabin hut and therefore has a saddle roof with chimney and a curved doorway that separates the kitchen from the sales area. We sold the trailer without corner profiles, as the customer himself wanted to line the cart with profiles, roof tiles and decals.

Sovevogn 12 per


Bedroom trailer 12 per

This trailer is designed to contain as many beds as possible. It contains 12 bunk beds, a bathroom with a toilet, sink and water heater as well as 12 boxes for storing personal belongings. The trailer has a battery and charger so that it can operate without connection to external power.

Moduler til skøjtebane


Modules for ice skating rink

We have delivered three modules to Aalborg in connection with their new beautiful ice rink: A sales module for renting skates, an office module, and a toilet module with two separate toilet rooms. Together, the modules will help give guests and staff a more enjoyable experience over all.

Mobilt slagteri


Abattoir on wheels

This trailer was designed to slaughter and process poultry. It allows you to visit customers and perform the slaughter at their site, avoiding the transport of living animals. The trailer contains an abattoir with all the necessary equipment, a room for cleaning and parting, and a cold store.

Elegant indre design

Elegant interior design

As something new, we now offer ceiling cladding with moldings in compact laminate, which imitates wood as well as different types of wallpaper with a textured surface. Combined with LED strips, this creates a look, which provides a completely unique experience. See more photos below in the gallery.

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