Cooling trailer

Mobile cold room for storing and transporting perishable goods

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For transporting perishable goods

The cooling trailer is often used in the fishing, food and events industry. The trailer features a higher insulation capacity than our standard trailer and is built on an extra sturdy chassis with suspension making it more suitable for faster transport. It has a load capacity of 1850 kg / 6 EUR pallets.

The trailer is equipped with a cooling apparatus that can cool down to minus 20 degrees. The doors use stainless steel bar locks and hinges, which are welded to a stainless steel frame that covers the entire door opening. Anchor rails are mounted on the walls for better stabilization.

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Easy to use & maintain

The trailer connects to a standard tow bar and can be set up within minutes. This allows you to move the trailer from one place to another, quickly and efficiently and without any hassle. The trailer is made from cleaning-friendly and durable materials, saving you time on cleaning and maintenance.

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Extra facilities

Most of our trailers can be upgraded with extra facilities that further improve the functionality and user experience. Some facilities, however, require that you sacrifice space elsewhere in the trailer, since there is generally very little wasted space. If you have questions, please contact us.

Note: There are facilities that can not be selected for certain trailers due to rules and regulations.

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Complete list

PVC curtains

PVC curtains help protect frozen and refrigerated goods against temperature fluctuations and at the same time save energy.

Small cooling apparatus

If you do not need to freeze goods, but just need to cool them to refrigerator temperature, we offer a smaller cooling apparatus.

Heated door frame

To prevent the doors from getting stuck due to freezing, we can install heating cables in the door frame so that ice does not form.

Floor boards

If you often have to move items back and forth, you can get floor boards, which make it easier to push things across the floor.

Technical info - cooling trailer

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  • Dimensions & weight

    External: 3920 x 1850 x 2600 mm

    Tare weight: 950 kg

    Gross weight: 1850 kg / 6 EUR pallets

  • Facilities

    Cooling apparatus - Cibin Alaska 240 OBN

    60 mm xps insulation

    6 load lock rails, 1 shoring bar

    Aluminum tear plate on floor

    Aluminum tear plate up along walls 117 mm

    Rubber lining around doors

    Stainless steel locks and hinges

    Heated door frame (optional)

  • Water & power

    230 V / 16 A CEE inlet

    LED strip lights



Technical info - cooling trailer



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