Toilet types

We offer 4 different toilet solutions based on comfort, interior design, and efficiency. If you have any questions, simply contact us.

Toilet med kværn

Toilet with macerator

This is our standard toilet solution, which is used frequently in crew, office, and housing trailers. If saving water is not important, because you have a connection to external water and drainage on site, this is the most popular toilet solution.

The toilet works like a normal toilet in the home (although with a macerator) and therefore feels natural and comfortable. We supply the toilet in an upright or wall-mounted version, and with or without concealed piping. If the pipes are hidden, the trailers is built with a technical compartment for easy servicing.

This toilet is also used in our mobile bathroom and toilet trailers for small to medium size events as well as for renovation projects.


Tank toilet

The tank toilet is our simplest toilet solution, but still has a number of benefits. It has a tank capacity of around 200 visits and comes with a 65 L water stand, which functions as both a hand basin and flushing mechanism. The toilet does not require any power and can therefore work as an independent solution.

Thanks to the toilet's simple construction, it cannot get blocked and therefore rarely needs servicing. It is also less susceptible to frost damage, except for if the water stand or tank is full. The tank has a ventilation pipe to remove any odours.

This toilet is most often used in our office trailers and small toilet trailers for construction sites, renovation projects, and smaller events.


VaCuum toilet

The vacuum toilet can in certain situations provide great advantages compared to a standard toilet with a macerator. It uses only 0.6 liters of water per flush, which gives it very large capacity on water and sewage tanks. The vacuum pump is stronger and more reliable than the pump in an ordinary toilet macerator.

The vacuum toilet is often used for festivals where it can be a challenge to maintain a stable water pressure. With a low water consumption and virtually no waiting time between flushes, it can handle far more visits per hour. With a vacuum toilet, you can also use the tanks to create a buffer, so that the toilet is always ready for use, even during pressured periods.

The vacuum toilet is also used in pioneer crew trailers for work tasks where there are limited amounts of water available. In such cases, a vacuum toilet can run solely on solar energy, and therefore provides a high degree of flexibility.


Incinerator toilet

The incinerator toilet is unique because it does not use any water at all. The toilet takes up less space, as it does not need water supply or leaves waste water. Tanks are therefore not necessary. The only thing the toilet requires to function is power and associated waste bags.

The toilet works by you inserting a waste bag in the same way as inserting a coffee filter in a coffee machine. When you are done, you simply turn on the toilet, which then burns the contents to ashes. The toilet is odorless and signals itself when it needs to be emptied. Despite the size of the toilet, it has room for about 100 visits before must be emptied.

The incinerator toilet is especially suitable in situations where you want an anhydrous toilet that is hygienic, odorless, and can be easily emptied without the need to drive to a sewer, as opposed to a standard tank toilet.