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For selling all that your heart desires


We make sales cabins for many different purposes. That's why it is rare for two sales cabins to have the same design and facilities. However, what our sales cabins do have in common is one or more sales hatches, a counter for serving customers and professional white goods and equipment to suit any business and industry.


The sales cabin is designed with both the customer and owner in mind. The cabin has to look good from the outside and as simple as possible on the inside. It can be supplied with a height-adjustable chassis for easier service and can come with signage to attract more customers and give them an idea of the menu. Read more under options.

Endless possibilities

Our sales cabins are used for a wide variety of occasions, such as serving food, ice cream and drinks and for selling tickets and merchandise. We also provide sales cabins in several sizes, from the 320 model right up to the 730 model. In other words, the sky's the limit!

Easy to use and clean

The cabin connects to a standard tow bar and can be set up and ready in minutes. This allows you to move the cabin from one place to another, quickly and efficiently and without any hassle. The cabin is made from cleaning-friendly and durable materials, saving you time on cleaning and maintenance.

Newest examples

Tailored to your needs

We offer a wide range of standard products which meets most of our customers' needs. We also specialise in making customised solutions adapted to the individual customer. If you work in a niche industry or have a special need, a tailored solution can make a big difference. When we receive a special request, we work closely with the customer and our suppliers to find the best solution based on efficiency, use and price. Over the last 20 years, we have been the first movers in our industry and this is because we work continuously with our customers to find new and better solutions.

Technical info

Example (420 coffee shop)

Scanvogn køkkenvogn 520
  • Dimensions and weight

    External: 5700 x 2280 x 3100 mm

    Internal: 5596 x 2176 x 2300 mm

    Own weight: N/A kg

    Total weight: 2500 kg

  • Facilities

    Sales counter 4096 x 610 mm

    counter top 2756 x 610 mm

    Wide sales hatch with gas spring, height-adjustable chassis

    1 advertising sign on roof, 2 Advertising signs on gables

    3 shelves under table top, 4 shelves above table top

    3 drawers with soft close, 3 shelves on left wall

    Soap dispenser, jumbo holder

  • Plumbing & electrics

    400 V - 32 A CEE inlet

    Battery, charger, hydraulic pump

    Water heater flow through

    500 L water tank, 260 L drainage tank

    LED light strip

    Electrical circuit panel


Optimum density

Optimal build quality

We cut all the outer walls with a seam and fit them so that the angle seals closely around the floor. We also cut the corners with a seam and assemble them with sturdy anodized aluminium profiles. This results in a cabin with maximum strength and density, and ensures you get the highest quality.

Solid-cast curved roof

Solid-cast curved roof

All our units come with a solid-cast roof. This ensures your cabin is weatherproof in all conditions and it also significantly increases its lifetime. The roof is cast with an even bend for optimal strength and water drainage. The roof also has a gutter system, which helps direct water and dirt away from doors and windows.

Optimum protection

Optimal protection

We only allow the highest standards for corrosion protection. All our cabins come with a sturdy heat-galvanised chassis. Galvanisation is only done once the chassis has been mechanically processed, so that all the edges and boltholes have also been galvanised.


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